The conference

Peritoneal carcinomatosis is the manifestation of one of the routes of dissemination of neoplasms of the digestive, gynecological and primary peritoneal tracts. Its presence in the clinical presentation of tumors leads these patients to classify the disease in TNM (solid tumors) as stage IV. Until 10 years ago, this represented a dismal diagnosis, with survival rates that were around 6-10 months, with few possible treatments other than palliative chemotherapy or "best support care". In recent years, the approach to carcinomatosis has brought new treatment perspectives to this patient population.

The 3rd Latin American Congress of Peritoneal Neoplasms takes place at a time of paradigm shift in the multidisciplinary approach to these patients. Treatments such as surgical cytoreduction and the use of intraperitoneal chemotherapy have shown promising results, changing the expected dismal prognosis. The Congress will feature the greatest researchers in the field, bringing the Latin American physician closer to the reality of the most modern peritoneal treatment available and leaving an important legacy of knowledge that will directly impact the care of patients throughout the region.

The event, which takes place between October 30 and November 1, 2022 at CHC – Centro Histórico-Cultural Santa Casa, is intended for oncology surgeons, proctologists and digestive surgeons working in surgical oncology, pathologists, interventional radiologists and other professionals involved. in the multidisciplinary treatment of advanced cancer. Its structure will have two rooms for lectures, being a Main Auditorium and a Secondary Room.